Adios McDreamy, It’s been a pleasure:

Even though you are no longer McDreamy, you will always be McSexy!

Even though you are no longer McDreamy, you will always be McSexy!

Ok, I will start by saying I have a love affair with Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched every episode, binge watched seasons on Netflix until 2am on a work night and have completely fallen in love with so many of the great characters that have come and gone from the show over the course of 11 seasons. I have not watched Season 11 in its entirety due to finishing season 10 late and not wanting to start the season on its 5th episode. I knew Patrick Dempsey would be leaving Grey’s it was just a matter of when and how. I was on Face book this past weekend and saw some clips that caught my attention that something big was going to happen on last night’s episode. I dismissed it at the time because I thought eh; it’s most likely nothing only a ploy to get more viewers to tune in. Then I saw something again yesterday while on lunch and remembered at 8:15pm so I turned it on.


I tuned in right after Derek had saved a couple of people from a horrible car accident. He worked with speed, grace, and compassion and level headedness as the Derek we have come to know and love over the course of 11 seasons. When it was all over he and got the people he had helped get stable and ready for transfer to the nearest hospital, he flashed his beautiful smile and said his famous line “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.”

Love it!

Love it!

I had an eerie feeling that something was not right or that he would just drop dead from internal injuries. He got back into his car, reached for his phone to call Meredith and BOOM a semi crashed into his car. The next time we see him he is bleeding all over and being dropped off at the same hospital the people he saved are at. Foreshadow number one: When the ambulance dropped him off the doctor that greeted them said they were not a trauma center and couldn’t handle him as they already had too much on their plate. The doctor also said that if he died it would be on him because they didn’t know what to do with him. Foreshadow number two: The entire time the doctor’s were working on him he was narrating that he was not dead and that he needed a CT on his head. One of the women doctors kept telling her team that they needed to do this but no one would listen as they thought he was bleeding internally from his abdominal or lung.

While Derek was in surgery they realized too late that he was hemorrhaging from his head and by the time the neurosurgeon got in it was too late. He had also taken his sweet time to get there as his response time should have been 20 min. So there Derek was bleeding on the table and no one did anything to save him. It’s kind of ironic that one of the best neurosurgeons in the country died of a missed brain bleed. Finally the police had gotten a hold of Meredith as she had not heard from him and was panicked, so she and her two children made their way to the hospital. Meredith being a doctor herself knew that he was being kept alive by ventilators and made it a point to tell them that it was bad call that they didn’t get a head CT at the very beginning.

I will say that I liked how Meredith was extremely steady and stern as she told the women doctor who was outside and apologized to her about not being able to save her husband that that will be her one. That she will see her husband’s face on every patient and it will force her to do better and be better otherwise her husband died for nothing if she quits. She also told her that tomorrow is another day and there will be more patients depending on her to save them because they can’t save themselves and this will haunt her for the rest of her life and these types of things do and make doctors better. That was excellently done as it shows how Meredith has come full circle in her career as a doctor and can speak with grace and truth even when it’s something that is personal to her.

Now here is what I didn’t like that made me extremely angry, I get that he wanted to leave the show for whatever the reasons personal or professional. I respect that because I love Patrick Dempsey and think he is a wonderful actor and role model in general. The thing that really got me upset to the point I couldn’t sleep was the fact that the writers couldn’t have thought of a more dignified way for him to leave. Christina Yang got an amazing send off, George O’Malley while he also died, died a hero. Yes Derek died a hero because he did save the lives of the people in the car accident before his own, but dying of a miss diagnosed brain bleed doesn’t sit well with me. I feel like because of the importance of his role that he played in the entire series he should have died or exited a bit more gracefully then that. I really hope that the funeral next week is a great montage of Derek’s life and work on the series. I really hope that they handle that with grace and dignity.

Another thing that really made me upset was this, this show had the potential to be a classic show that people watch over and over again because they fell in love with it. I feel that by Derek being killed off it ruined the entire series for me and I’m sure a lot of other people. I really hope it does not get picked up for season 12 and I have no interest in watching the full season 11. It reminded of when the show ER killed off Mark Greene due to brain cancer. That left a bad taste in my mouth and I never continued to watch it after that nor have I ever wanted to watch again from the beginning. There are so many shows I have watched over and over again after the series ends because they did such a fantastic job in wrapping things up. No I don’t mean that they have to all be fairy tale endings. Six Feet Under did not leave with a fairy tale ending as one the main characters dies at the very end. The thing that makes me want to watch the series over in its entirety is the way it was written and beautifully portrayed. Viewers get attached to the characters of a good show as the writers do a fantastic job of making them real and appealing to so many people. One of the reasons I fell in love with Grey’s is the whole Mer/Der love story while not perfect by any means does a great job of portraying how you have to work at your marriage and that no one is perfect. You do what works best for you as husband and wife. You have put in the work and make an investment to truly get a marriage that works for you. It’s the same way with books. Readers get emotionally invested in a book or series because the writer makes it appealing. Makes you fall in love with certain things. I only hope that one day I will be able to write something that evokes this much emotion out of a large number of people.

While I have no ill feelings towards Patrick Dempsey because it’s his right to do what is best in his life and start something new I just wish Shonda would have ended it differently. Good Mr. Patrick Dempsey as you switch gears in your life. You being Derek Shepherd impacted my life as so many of your other movies and shows have. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Wiggle, Jiggle…Pull

Madison taught me what it truly means to be brave today. She is very high-strung when it comes to losing teeth whenever one of hers is loose she hangs onto it for dear life. Well today she had to have one of her baby molars pulled because the adult molar that is coming in was destroying the baby molar to the point that after it was pulled there was only one root and half a tooth left. I will say that I told her a white lie a couple of weeks before going to the appointment. The dentist and the assistants told us it was best to tell her nothing or as little as possible as she is high-strung and causing her unneeded worry or panic wasn’t good. I agreed so I told her she was getting the nasty molar that was hurting her cleaned so it wouldn’t bother her anymore. She was excited because it has been hurting her lately. I also told her that there was a big surprise waiting for her and all she had to do to earn it was listen to everything the dentist told her to do and don’t fight. She listened. She did it! She was a little freaked out when she found out the tooth was being “wiggled” out but her dad and I were there with her every step of the way. She had laughing gas, it was extremely funny. I wish I would have videotaped it. They were telling her jokes to get her to calm down and one of her jokes after she was at the height of her laughing gas was: “Why did the chicken cross the street from my house?” We all responded that we didn’t know. The she said, “Because he didn’t want to see me anymore!” Then she just blurted out laughing and so did we. I’m so glad everything went smoothly as it could have taken a much worse turn if they didn’t feel they could safely get it out then she would have had to gone to an oral surgeon to be put under. The lesson my eight year old taught me was very simple: In the face of fear of the unknown the only way to get through it is by being brave. Even though she was scared of what she didn’t know and what was going to happen she trusted the doctor and her dad and I and chose to be brave. For her to be so brave and force me to be brave for her was awesome. I don’t do well with emergent situations, blood or teeth issues. I’m sure that’s where her high strung-ness comes from, but hey, there is no manual when raising a child. You do what you feel in your heart is right for them and consider them when making all other choices. She is home resting with her dad and gets to eat ice cream most of the day! I’m so proud of my sweet angel as she did amazing today! She loved her new doll and named her Gracie. She is really excited that Kalley, her other American Girl Doll now has a sister! I can’t wait to see her on Friday when she gets back from her dad’s house. The lessons my children teach me are truly a gift. I’m extremely blessed to be their mom.

Not Madison's tooth but a molar non the less!

Not Madison’s tooth but a molar non the less!

April Showers….Bring May Flowers!

This month has been a busy one for the Salamon’s! It’s been birthday celebration galore! We rolled in April with Easter and by saying Happy Birthday to Madi, who is now 8 years old! Sheesh, where did time go?

I now have an 8 year old!

I now have an 8 year old!

The entire family was home on Friday the 10th, we had some well visits that needed to be taken care of for most of us and we called it maintenance Friday! We had her birthday celebration at her dance studio, Dance Lakewood with some of her school and dace buddies and then the family came over to my house. Needless to say this little girl along with her brother are extremely blessed and loved. We went to the Zoo for the first time this Spring and man was it BUSY! Everyone was out enjoying the beautiful day!

Zoo Fun!

Zoo Fun!

Zoo Fun!

Zoo Fun!

This following weekend we had four birthday parties! Well, let me rephrase, Madison had two friend birthday parties she went to and we the family had two that we attended. Among the birthday fun was my best friend’s son who is also 8 years old and my dad who turned 61. I am exhausted! Oh yeah, in between all the birthday fun I got my hair cut and Madison had an eye appointment which resulted in her needing her first pair of glasses! She looks too cute!

Trying on many pairs of glasses!

Trying on many pairs of glasses!

Happy 61st Birthday Dad!

Happy 61st Birthday Dad!

To wrap up our April we have more birthday celebrations and are getting ready for an extremely busy and fun filled Summer! Stay tuned…

Managing money and sticking to a budget:

Managing money and sticking to a budget:

I’ll be the first to say that Alan and I are middle class when it comes to yearly take home income. We own our home, have two kids, one car payment, student loans and two credit cards. That is the very basic of breakdown of our bills. We of course have utility payments, gas for our cars, daycare expenses and not to mention food! What is our secret when managing our finances?

We allot for everything! Alan and I know the weekly expenses that never go away so when we get paid we immediately take those out and what is left is for food, gas, etc. We also limit ourselves as to what we can do. If we do not have the money and are asked to do something we simply turn it down. I used to be a frivolous spender, charging everything and anything I wanted. When I met Alan we worked hard on eliminating my debt. When we got married I was completely debt free, having no credit card payments and no car payments. It was the best feeling. Since then, life happens and we picked up a car payment, working towards getting rid of that next.
We just received our income tax return and I spent the better part of the morning making our spreadsheet as to where this money is going and how it is to be spent. I feel good knowing we can take our annual family summer trip to Columbus and can go to our friend’s wedding in North Carolina later this year. Does it feel good to be so restrained with spending, no I’m not going to lie…..however, knowing that Alan and I are not putting financial stress on our family keeps the urge of frivolous spending at bay.


I had the pleasure of seeing this wonderful movie with my daughter, who is seven, my niece, who is four and my sister. This movie was AMAZING and visually stunning. Visually stunning because the colors were so bold, bright and beautiful throughout the entire film. Cinderella’s ball gown was this icy blue color with lots of sparkles and butterflies at the top, the Prince’s eyes were a clear shade of blue that took my breath away and the ballroom scene was filled with the most exquisite colors across the rainbow. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the 2016 Oscars this won something in the costume category. Some of the subject matter was a bit over my four-year old niece’s head as she asked her mother a lot of questions…so I would not recommend taking a child younger than six or seven. It was the classic fairy tale in all its glory but portrayed even better.

The story started with a beautiful baby girl named Ella who lived with her mother and father in a small kingdom on a country farm. Her father was a merchant who often traveled abroad for extended periods of time. Ella’s mother was kind, beautiful and full of laughter that carried through to her daughter. When Ella was a young girl her mother fell ill and died too soon. Before she passed on she told her daughter the most important thing that will get her through life was to have courage and be kind. This is reoccurring theme throughout the entire movie. As time went on her father grew lonely and took a 2nd wife, Lady Tremaine, who had two twin daughters. Ella, who was undoubtedly kind, did everything in her power to make her new stepmother and sisters feel welcome. Upon the departure of her father who was going abroad again, she told him that she wanted the first branch he brushed upon with his shoulder. Her father told her that was an unusual request but she told him that he will have to carry it with him throughout his journey and think of her while he does this only to bring the branch to her and himself along with it. She told him that was the most important thing she wanted to return, was him. Well as fate would have it he fell ill on the road and passed too soon just like her mother did when she was little. Her stepmother turned cold rather quick upon news of his death and forced Ella to become a servant in her own household. She was extremely cruel as she belittled her and reduced her to nothing more than a “cinder” Ella. Her and her daughters called her this because she slept by the fire-place to keep warm and often had the cinder ashes on her face. This does an excellent tie in of a great lesson that names have power. What people say to you means something and words hurt, hence, why we need to be kind to people. Through it all she remained hopeful, courageous and kind because she continued to honor her mother and father and the fantastic memories she had with them in the house that they shared.

As luck would have it while she was riding in the field she met a handsome stranger, Kit, who claimed he was an apprentice at the Palace who had not mastered his trade. The meeting between the Prince (not known to Ella) and Ella was extremely sweet and showed Ella’s innocence and good nature. Shortly after their meeting the Prince was told by his father that he needed to think of choosing a bride to better align and strengthen their small kingdom. Kit, told his father about how he met a strange girl while riding in the field to hunt and how he felt a pull to her. The King quickly told him that he shall marry a princess and not a commoner. Kit came back and told him that he would honor his request if he extended the upcoming ball to every eligible maiden in the land and if he did not find the mystery girl he would agree to marry for the benefit of the kingdom. Having heard the news that every eligible maiden could attend the ball, Ella grew excited because she wanted to see Kit again at the palace. She helped her stepmother and step sisters prepare for the ball while working in her room on her own gown. It was her mother’s but she added minor changes and made it more fitting for her to wear. Just as they were getting ready to head out to the ball Ella came down the stairs ready to accompany her step family. Lady Tremaine did not like the idea of Ella attending the ball since she was nothing more than a servant. Her and her daughters tore Ella’s gown and told her since her gown was falling apart she could not go and they would not be seen with someone like her. They left and Ella was crushed. At this point she had given up any hope she had left. Enter fairy godmother!

Bippity, Bobbity Boo and away Ella went to the ball. Ella’s hope was restored as she traveled to the palace to run into Kit. Well, I’m not going to end on telling the rest of the fairy tale. I want to end this with the lessons and themes that were taught and conveyed in this movie. They were excellent. The best line of the entire movie in my opinion was when the Fairy Godmother as the narrator said the greatest risk in life is to be seen as we truly are…………This is very true on so many levels. Ella showed the Prince who she really was at the end and he accepted it and loved her all the more for it. The main themes were to have courage and be kind; names have power, and forgiveness. As I previously stated Ella remained courageous and kind throughout the entire movie in spite of everything and forgave her stepmother at the very end for the horrible treatment and things she did. Overall excellent movie and a must see in my opinion!!! A+!

The Divergent Series: Insurgent Review

WOW! My girlfriend, Stevie and I went to see this last night. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I haven’t read the books and I did not do my usual “Wikipedia” move and read the synopsis. I was surprised to say the least as this movie was AMAZING! I have nothing horrible to say about it at all. It was extremely well done. The fight scenes were realistic, the storyline was easy to follow and the love story between Tris and Four was well developed. I really do not want to spoil anything so that is why I’m being vague. Here is a brief summary: *I will do my best not to spoil anything. Please do not continue to read as I’m sure I’ll slip*

Tris, Four, Caleb, Peter and Marcus are hiding amongst the Amity faction as they are planning their next move as “Rogues” or “Public Enemies to the State” as they later find out. Meanwhile Jeanine has found a box which contains a message from their founders. She realizes she needs a Divergent to successfully complete all five of the Sims associated with each faction to open the contents. She believes it will give insight to the “divergent problem.” All I will say, is BOY she is totally wrong there. Tris and Four are found amongst Amity and run onto a train that leads them into the city and into the Factionless group. Tris discovers that Four’s mother is alive and that he knew about it because she got in touch with him a year prior. They have an altercation in the factionless group and move to Candor. The leader of the group tries to turn them into Jeanine because she told everyone that Tris and Four were the ones who started the attack on Abnegation in the first movie, when in reality it was her. The leader of Candor finds out that they are not guilty by injecting them with a truth serum. Secrets come out and tensions are high at this point. While in Candor, Dauntless attacks and shoots everyone with something that is later found to be a Divergent finder. Everyone who is not Divergent was put to sleep leaving the Divergent awake for Dauntless to find and test. I will say there is one scene they could have done without. It was when all the Divergent were held captive by Dauntless. There was a little girl there who was scared beyond her capacity of understanding and if it would have ended up where she would have been killed I would have walked out. Thank goodness there was another fight and this did not happen. Anything with children and violence does not sit well with me and I just can’t. Having two children of my own I would never want them to feel that kind of emotional distress and it is my job as their mother to protect them and that from ever happen. I digress though…back on topic. Four and others rescue the captive Divergent and they head back to the Factionless. Tris who was tested as 100% divergent turns herself willingly into Jeanine in effort to keep peace and spare lives.

This is where I stop with my summary. If I continue I will give the entire ending away. I will say that I cannot wait to see how this series is wrapped up. I will read the books eventually when I have some time or on a break from school. I highly recommend seeing this movie! I bet you I will end of seeing it again in while it is still in theaters!


Jenna Catherine:

The Divergent Series: Divergent Review
I will start by saying the only reason I brought home Divergent, the first installment in this series is because I knew my husband wanted to watch it. He is really good about watching any chick flick or dramatic movie I like so I figured I would return the favor to him and picked something in his wheelhouse. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked these movies. I’m have reblogged my girlfriend’s post about this as we share similar thoughts on this. The Insurgent review that follows will be my personal thoughts. Enjoy.

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So I don’t know if it’s come across yet through my blogs, but I’m a total fangirl! I’ve been one since before the term existed! I tend to jump in with both feet and fall completely in love with a world while reading the books. I psych myself out for the movies and I die a little when it’s over. *sigh* It’s a beautiful life I lead! Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and OMG, here comes Divergent!
I usually see the first movie, then I go out, read every book and cry when there are no more! Or at least sigh over the loss if it was a happy ending. This time around, I wanted to read the books first. I had seen previews for the movie and wanted to see it. When I caught on that it was based off of a trilogy, I decided to read the books…

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